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Database Management Services

For most organizations, data availability and security are of paramount concerns, but efficient management of heterogeneous environments can also yield significant operational inefficiencies.

Our database services provide for secure, optimal management and increased database productivity. Our services range from database design and enhancement to installation / upgrades, backup / restoration and performance and capacity management. We have a proven track record with database management systems in multiple systems and environments.

Glodyne supports implementations ranging from single server databases to the mission critical databases running on complex clustered infrastructures. We offer services across multiple vendor databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2) and for both transactional and data warehouse style implementations.

In addition to the standard database services described above, we also offer specialist skills in some of the more complex/unique aspects of certain vendor databases e.g. Oracle Real application cluster, Microsoft SQLServer active cluster configurations, DTS and Analysis server.

Delivery Model

The business infrastructure must provide a secure, resilient and flexible environment that enables execution of processes, applications and enterprises in sync with technological innovation.
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