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Network Management Services

Businesses today work mostly in a 24x7 mode and network infrastructure is a crucial aspect to maintain the workflow in an organization. Glodyne’s Network Management Services consists of monitoring and managing network links and networking equipments, network impact analysis, service availability and configuration management.

Our vast team of networking professionals can find new ways of integrating and maintaining the complex, mission-critical networks. Glodyne's years of experience and skills in networking, methodologies and approach to handling complexity ensures smooth and rapid development, while saving you the trouble of day-to-day management.

Glodyne’s Network Management Services provide:

  • Requirement Assessment, a process of understanding the existing infrastructure and accessing your current and long terms requirements. This phase helps in broadly deciding the network architecture.
  • Design and planning. Glodyne provides invaluable consultancy on product, technology, media and NMS selection, IP addressing and network security planning.
  • Deployment, where the network is finally put together.
  • Load balancing network management system

With our services our clients can:

  • Gain comprehensive views of the network elements, relationships, dependencies and services
  • Increase insight into the impact of activities within the network on business services
  • Handle increased usage and complexities of network
  • Optimize bandwidth and equipment needs with planning and reporting tools
  • Increase operational excellence
  • Scale to meet future demands

Network Management & Monitoring

Glodyne helps you create a robust, scalable and high performance enterprise network by designing your data networking infrastructure, managing performance and capacity for applications and by troubleshooting the most complex networking challenges. Glodyne network administrators will monitor your network infrastructure 24x7, ensure that your network functions at its optimum level and that effective performance & capacity planning practices are in place.

This involves:

  • Managing Network Devices - Configuration and maintenance of firewalls, load balancers, routers, switches, hubs, etc.
  • Managing Network Performance - Monitor network thresholds, manage and administer network usage effectively. Detect network degradation before it becomes service affecting. Provide visibility of spare capacity and utilization trends
  • Bandwidth Optimization – Glodyne  employs best-of-breed caching, Quality of Service (QoS), compression and network monitoring/reporting technologies into a single solution that looks at bandwidth usage in its entirety and makes recommendations on how best to optimize it.
  • Network Fault Management - Optimizing the detection, performing root cause analysis, isolation and streamlining of alarms coupled to the problem resolution process. Accurate determination of fault and its location, results in improved meantime to repair at reduced cost.
  • Network Safety - Ensure network safety & isolate programs that are slowing the system. Free bandwidth for key applications. Understand and trace virus traffic. Engage in security & bug patch notification. Administer firewall up-to-dates.
  • Technical and Management Reporting - Event analysis, watch lists, recommendations and more.
  • Enterprise Voice Networking services to deliver total telephony solutions - be it Fixed, Mobile, Private or VoIP communication. We ensure you get the dependability, robustness and cost efficiency of your telecom network


Delivery Model

The business infrastructure must provide a secure, resilient and flexible environment that enables execution of processes, applications and enterprises in sync with technological innovation.
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