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Delivery Model Benefits of Glodyne’s Technology IMS | Our Value Proposition

Benefits of Glodyne’s Technology IMS

Preemptive problem resolution:
Anticipation of a problem before the user brings it up. Integrated monitoring and management tools and advanced correlation tools at Glodyne helps achieve this and resolve problems in a faster, structured manner, reducing business losses due to IT downtime.

Visibility and control:

Technology IMS makes visible the availability, performance and utilization of each component of your infrastructure and gives you historical trend reports for capacity planning, root-cause reports for problem diagnosis and flash-check reports for availability status.

Access to domain expertise:
Your infrastructure might need Unix and Windows experts for systems, database experts, messaging experts, web administrators and ERP experts. They're expensive to recruit and retain. Training them to stay in sync with technology developments is an additional cost. By outsourcing to Glodyne, you get a ready base of skills from all of these sources whenever you need them.

The quality edge:

We well define the processes thus ensuring faster problem resolution. We offer a customized balance of onsite and offsite management that enables flexibility, efficiency and customized process driven solution.

Substantial Cost reduction:
Outsourcing your Infrastructure Management to Glodyne would not only reduce manpower cost of managing the infrastructure but also costs related to future infrastructure investments. Cost reductions also come from:

  • Efficiency-led gains: We are mature in our processes and offerings and offer our customers multiple avenues to reduce costs through headcount reduction, by elimination of under-utilized resources, cross-pollination of best practices, and increased automation by the use of tools which are integrated to provide a common framework for operations.

  • Gains through greater reporting and control: Our Online reporting tools help provide our customers with real-time control and visibility into their infrastructure operations. The real-time plus historical reporting aids in capacity planning and understanding where future investments need to be made to keep operations functioning smoothly.



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