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Security Management Services

Now a days the networked world brings with it real threats to your business from malicious attacks. If you value the security of your data, you need systems, which can be accessed only by authorized personnel and a firewall that cannot be penetrated. Manual security administration, however, can be very labor-intensive and cause security breaches and inhibit employee productivity. Glodyne’s Security Management Services protects your business processes and ensures business continuity.

Glodyne's Security Management Services provide a full spectrum of security-related consulting solutions ranging from security assessment services, architecture design to the implementation of complete security architectures.

With Glodyne, organizations will be able to conduct business transactions over the internet, offer secure, remote access to the intranet, and expand access of internal applications to suppliers. Glodyne can also assist in the creation of secure virtual private networks to connect offices, mobile users, and partners.

We have defined a number of packaged services with predefined scope and deliverables and in many cases a fixed price, which provides you simplicity in selecting the required Security Service. With Glodyne’s Security Management Services:

Control costs

  • Simplify security management operations - Centralize and automate the management task of administering individual users with access rights
  • Increase IT staff productivity - Automate routine tasks and free your IT staff to concentrate on larger problems
  • Increase overall staff productivity - Provide faster access to necessary systems through automated password assignment

Minimize security risks

  • Firewall security - Minimize firewall security risks through alert notification and monitoring of users, network objects, and rules.
  • Reduce security breaches - Use role-based administration to reduce manual error and intervention and enforce user access security policies

Glodyne IT Security Management Services

Real-time network monitoring, advanced security analysis and global intelligence correlation are just the start. Using both proactive and reactive techniques, Glodyne security services help companies protect business data and processing systems from loss and damage due to computer security breaches.

Our services include:

  • Design & implement an IT Security Management Architecture that fits your risk management profile
  • 24x7 security monitoring of firewalls, intrusion detection systems and integrated security appliances
  • Perform security assurance services on a scheduled or ad hoc basis, which includes configuration sanity checks; log file analysis, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, device tuning and more
  • Use the right and advanced technology to prevent any hacking/DOS attempts and installation of insecure software in your systems
  • Provision and manage a complete redundant architecture with automatic traffic redirection and hot site mirroring. Handle failover hot servers, automatic traffic redirection and storage replication/mirroring.


Making the choice to go with Glodyne IT Security Management Services is one of the best decisions you can make for your organization. You not only save money, but more importantly, you can secure entire infrastructure and reduce the risk for your business. Our shared services model offers you services at much lower costs, while still providing you the ability to tap into our expert pool of resources. Glodyne takes care of both the mundane and the critical tasks associated with IT Security Management Services, so that your organization can focus on doing what it does best - such as taking care of business!



Delivery Model

The business infrastructure must provide a secure, resilient and flexible environment that enables execution of processes, applications and enterprises in sync with technological innovation.
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