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Technology IMS (Technology Infrastructure Management Services)

IT operations are moving center-stage and in many organizations the transition is already complete. Dependency of businesses on technology to become competitive has made it a necessary investment rather than a cost to keep clean back offices. The key assets of well managed Information Technology operations lend significantly to the innovation-enabling capabilities of any organization. 

A strong technology focus for last three decades has led to increasingly complex IT systems with host of business applications that if not maintained can lead to operational bottlenecks. Complex IT systems demand more resources to maintain existing service levels and thus become less responsive to the business. And given the focus on cost optimization to stay ahead of competition in globalized markets, it is not prudent to continually hire, retain and train in-house maintenance staff to meet the needs of technology maintenance. At Glodyne we enable companies to focus on their core competencies, while our team infuses innovation through our IMS Services.

Our Technology IMS services enables organizations to align their IT portfolios, run their businesses more cost effectively and free resources for business growth.

Glodyne’s Technology IMS include:

  • Remote Management Services
  • Networks Management Services
  • Disaster Recovery Management Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Database Management Services
  • Desktop Management Services
  • Server Management Services
  • Security Management Services
  • Storage Management Services
  • Application Development & Management Services
  • Human Resource Management Services


Delivery Model

The business infrastructure must provide a secure, resilient and flexible environment that enables execution of processes, applications and enterprises in sync with technological innovation.
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